Ramp to the outside deck on the freight ships to Orkney and Shetland

Ship information

Maximum gross weights

The details below give the maximum operating parameters of our equipment, vessels and shore side facilities. Please contact our freight specialists for the transport of any outsize loads, to and from Shetland and Orkney that are presented for shipment.

Renewables cargo arriving on the NorthLink Freight ShipsLorries on the NorthLink freight shipPlease note that the shelter decks of both freight vessels have lower axle weight maximums than the main decks but it is not anticipated that oversize loads will be stowed on these decks. Also note that when a drop trailer is set down on the deck of the vessel that trestle supporting the head of the trailer / mafi also counts as an axle.

Maximum Axle Weights
MV Hildasay Main Deck17.5 tonnes per axle
MV Helliar Main Deck17.5 tonnes per axle
MV Hamnavoe Main Deck14 tonnes per axle
MV Hjaltland Main Deck14 tonnes per axle
MV Hrossey Main Deck14 tonnes per axle
Terberg Tractor Units
Maximum Lift Capability at 5th Wheel32 tonnes
Maximum Gross Train weight100 tonnes
Aberdeen Ro – Ro Berths Link spans Maximum Gross Weights
Matthews Quay220 tonnes
Eurolink80 tonnes
Jamiesons Quay186 tonnes
Aberdeen Ro – Ro Berths Ramps Maximum Width
Matthews Quay8 meters
Eurolink5 meters
Lerwick Ro – Ro Berths Linkspans Maximum Gross Weights
Lerwick (passenger)100 tonnes
Lerwick (freight)110 tonnes (static) 60 tonnes (moving)
Lerwick Ro – Ro Berth Ramp Maximum Width
Holmsgarth No. 3 (freight)5 meters
Maximum Vessel Lift and Internal Ramp gross weights
Hildasay Lift (18m)60 tonnes
Hildasay Internal Ramp60 tonnes
Helliar Lift (18m)60 tonnes
Helliar Internal Ramp60 tonnes
Orkney Ro – Ro Berths Linkspans Maximum Gross Weights
Stromness120 tonnes
(Hatston) Kirkwall120 tonnes
(Kirkwall Pier) Kirkwall70 tonnes
Scrabster Scottish mainland100 tonnes
Bow / Stern Door Dimensions
MV Hrossey & Hjaltland4.6 mtrs4.5 mtrs4.0 mtrs
Lower Car deck2.4 mtrs2.5 mtrs-
MV Hamnavoe4.9 mtrs4.3 mtrs3.9 mtrs
MV Hildasay5.0 mtrs8.0 mtrs-
M.V. Helliar5.0 mtrs8.0 mtrs-
Please note these are the total dimensions. Any vehicle travelling would have to be slightly less

Within the Freight ships there is cabin accommodation and a lounge / dining room for passengers. Passengers should note that stairs within the freight vessel are quite steep and that doorways within the vessel have a step which must be negotiated.

Freight ship passenger loungeCabins on board the NorthLink freight ships

Doorways on the NorthLink freight shipsStairs on board the NorthLink Freight Vessels

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