Unusual cargo on the NorthLink freight ships

Containers & Lo-Lo Cargo

With the introduction of our new specialist freight vessels, transporting containerised goods to Orkney and Shetland has never been so flexible. Combined with our passenger vessels, we can now offer a daily freight service to Orkney and Shetland, 7 days a week.

Lift-on, Lift-off Containers

Forklift on the deck of NorthLink's Freight shipForklift on the quayside, NorthLink Freight ServicesOur freight vessels each have a weather deck capacity to carry up to 266 x 20-foot containers (TEU), secured with twist-locks. Containers can be loaded at the ports of Aberdeen, Kirkwall and Lerwick.
The cost of each container is charged per lane metre, as per our standard commercial rates – with empty container rates are also available. A THC** will also be applied for the loading and discharging of containers at each port.
Note: Lift-on, Lift-off cargo can only be shipped on our freight vessels.

*TEU: Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit
** THC: Terminal Handling Cost

Roll-on, Roll-off Containers

Containers on NorthLink Ferries freight shipsUsing a Ro-Ro trailer system, we can arrange for containers to be loaded on to a 6m or 12m roll trailer which can then be shipped by Ro-Ro on any of our vessels. This increases the number of sailings available from Aberdeen to Orkney and Shetland, with at least one sailing every day, 361 days of the year. Each container is charged per lane meter, as per our standard commercial rates – with empty container rates also available. As above THC costs will be applied to this service contact us for a quotation.
-See Commercial Rates

For more information on either of our container services, please call our Customer Service Centre on 0845 6060 449.

Project Cargo

Crane - NorthLink Freight ServicesThe NorthLink freight vessels arrival of Hildasay and Helliar provide a comprehensive means that NorthLink’s freight offering has entered a new era. The company can now complement our successful Ro-Ro (roll-on, roll-off) service with a Lo-Lo (lift-on, lift-off) service. This offers the choice and flexibility of an integrated combined service which some customers will find more convenient.

Hildasay and Helliar both constructed just over 10 years ago, have the capacity to accommodate 66 articulated trailers and/or the ability to carry up to 266 20-foot containers on the weather deck; Helicopter coming ashore from the NorthLink freight vesselsthey are designed with this mixed Lo-Lo and Ro-Ro operation in mind.

Project cargoes are amongst a range of services now available, with the vessel’s weather deck ideal for the carriage of large and outsized equipment.

For information on rates and logistics, please contact our freight specialists Customer Service Centre by calling 0845 6060 449. Alternatively you can contact us by email: freight@northlinkferries.co.uk


NorthLink freight ship at Sollum VoeRamp to the outer deck on the NorthLink freight shipsAt certain times during the year there are possible freight ship charter options for customers requiring project cargoes. For customers who require freight to be transported from the UK or Scandinavia to Orkney or Shetland, please phone to discuss your cargo requirements with our team of specialists on 0845 6060 449 Customers who require freight to be transported from the UK or Scandinavia to Orkney or Shetland should contact our Customer Service Centre on 0845 6060 449 or e-mail:freight@northlinkferries.co.uk

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