Lerwick freight area

Unaccompanied Vehicles

NorthLink Ferries offer a comprehensive unaccompanied freight service for all types of vehicles and trailers on-board our vessels. Unaccompanied vehicles and trailers are charged as per our freight rates.

Bought a new car?

Simply check-in your vehicle at one of our ports prior to departure, and collect from the port of arrival. Our shoreside staff will load and unload the vehicle from the vessel, taking the greatest care whilst moving the vehicle into position. We routinely check vehicles condition on arrival at the port and will notify you problems that may be apparent at that time.

hildasay-freight-hatston-orkney-largeMachinery and Large Vehicles

We also offer unaccompanied shipping services for machinery of all sizes and commercial vehicles from vans to articulated trucks. Our shoreside staff have years of experience dealing with a wide range of machinery. To discuss you specific requirements, please contact us on 0845 6060 449 or email our team: freight@northlinkferries.co.uk

HGV Valet Parking

We are aware of drivers hours regulations.
On longer sailings issues can arise with HGV drivers hours of rest, for a small charge we can arrange to load and discharge your vehicle so that your driver can maintain their rest period. Please highlight your specific requirements and let us know at the time of booking.

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